Offshore Staffing

EightHills is capable of providing a dedicated offshore team of professionals equipped with appropriate infrastructure, in addition to rendering a Business Process Outsourcing service from the offshore team. Some of the relevant services here may include


Recruiting and providing profiled Software Development Teams to work onsite or near-shore for long-term engagement in a customer's project.

Responding to BPO demands

Responding to BPO demands of the customer with pre-screened specialists and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Offering Project Management and Quality Assurance

Offering Project Management and Quality Assurance/Testing Services through dedicated and competent personnel.

Rendering Administration and Logistics Service

Rendering Administration and Logistics Service tailored to provide and maintain the necessary infrastructure.

Support Services

Support Services online to ensure quick response to issues and extend existing support teams.

Customers can take advantage of EightHills' Business Process Outsourcing Service to support and improve some of their business processes by establishing


Offshore Call Centers


Offshore Data Entry Centers


Offshore Maintenance and Support Teams

Engaging dedicated Offshore Software Development or Business Process Outsourcing Teams is the best approach for projects significant in time or scope. While utilizing EightHills' Offshore Staffing & BPO model customers can benefit from tangible cost savings, as well as from confident Service Levels guaranteed by EightHills.