Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality is an ever-extending goal - the better you are, the better you need to be. Excellent quality is what our customers aspire for, especially in software outsourcing where the fear factor of quality comes into play. To ensure quality, we develop a deep understanding of what our customers really anticipate from their outsourced projects. EightHills aims at keeping its credit and outstanding quality by continually perfecting our process, methodology and pursue the highest quality standards of our worldwide customers.

Effective project management ensures all our projects are on time and on budget, meeting all service level commitments, keeps the offshore team motivated and focused on high quality products and successful delivery.

We have developed a repeatable, effective iterative software development process and a well-proven testing methodology based upon the high quality of code and successful delivery to our global clients.

All processes are well documented, institutionalized and evaluated, ensuring us to become more effective and efficient with each project we work on.

As communication is especially important with the geographical distance between our clients and us, we pay special attention to the effective communication. We keep smooth communications with you during the development process through conference calls, NetMeeting, VPN, telephone, fax, e-mail, instant messenger and IP-telephone.

quality policies

To reach the goal, our quality policies focus on the following four factors