Project Management

Effective project management ensures all projects are delivered on time and on budget, meeting all service level commitments, keeping the offshore team motivated and focused on high quality products and successful delivery. Customer requirements and customer satisfaction is always our number one priority at EightHills.


EightHills following a simple process for project management as outlined below:

      • Scheduled Project Meetings:

        During each of these meetings, all project members are updated on the latest status of the projects, information is exchanged on issues, plans are put in place to address the issues, appropriate adjustments are made to the plan and the meeting notes is documented.

      • Project Visibility:

        Each project member's daily report is sent to the project manager about their daily work status. At the end of each week (or as required by the project schedule) the project manager generates a Summary Project Report that is sent to the customer executive sponsor and team and the senior management team at EightHills. As necessary weekly project meetings are scheduled with the customer team and the project manager to ensure smooth communications are in place for successful delivery and deployment of the project.

      • Project Visibility:

        Project managers always pay attention to all the details of the project and when things do not go as planned, then appropriate escalation procedures are triggered to get attention to address the issues. The customer team is updated more frequently when the escalation procedures are triggered until the issues are addressed and the project schedule is brought to plan. This clear and open communication builds trust with our customer.

      • Personnel Management :

        The team is critical in delivering a successful project and as such, EightHills places great emphasis on managing the team to ensure that all their needs are met. In addition, we pay a lot of attention in creating passion within the team, empowering them to make well informed decisions and push their limits on creativity and thinking.

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