Help Desk and Support

Many factors are to blame for the malice consumers feel towards today's corporate help lines. Some include: endless pre-recorded menus, eternal hold times, and when a human finally answers, the operator is so concerned about productivity that they are rushed, unhelpful and sometimes even rude. All that the customer wants is a quick, friendly service, which ironically, is exactly what most support lines can't provide. Customers have since turned to using online communication services, such as email, web-chat, to escape from the issues related to phone times to resolve their issues.

Current software companies find that they have to devote a dedicated team to ensure customer satisfaction and to resolve issues. We at EightHills provide an efficient service to manage the help desk process through the use of email and web-chat to ensure that customer issues are resolved in a timely manner and their satisfaction is maintained.

EightHills' help desk services not only offer unmatched cost reduction, but also a flexible integrated approach to a variety of help desk challenges, which is provided in the way of combining essential technical skills, business understanding and process acquaintance.