Software Development Process

EightHills has built an excellent outsourcing software development methodology integrating the philosophy of Rational Unified Process with our long-term project delivery experience, which has been proved and is built to have an appropriate balance of cost and quality.

  • 1. Analysis & Design

  • To verify the understanding of the requirements of the customer.
  • To finalize the requirements
  • To transform the requirements into a design

  • Static UI prototype development
  • Architectural Design
  • Structure the Implementation Model
  • 2. Implementation


To implement the design element, integrate the results produced by individual implementers into an executable system.


Iterative development is a more flexible way adopted by EightHills to develop the software where the customer can preview and minor adjustments made. It proves to be greatly beneficial to quickly ramp up the offshore development team, eventually delivering a series of functionally complete implementations that are gradually integrate through the iterative phases to become a complete solution. Each pass through a sequence of activities is called an iteration.

  • Implement design elements
  • System Design Refinement
  • Integrate system
  • Artifact review
  • Test Case creation
  • 3. Testing


Testing primarily focuses on evaluating or assessing product quality, this is realized through the following core practices:

  • Find and document defects in software quality
  • Validate and prove the assumptions made in design and requirement specifications through concrete demonstration
  • Validate that the software product works as designed
  • Validate that the requirements are implemented appropriately

  • Test Case execution
  • Exploratory test
  • Test Case refinement
  • Bug Fixing